ECOTIP GROUP LTD founded on 2006 in Nafplio of Greece with main object the design and the manufacture of energy saving products. The innovating ideas and the excellent research and devepement department make our company one of the leading companies in energy saving products market. On 20o7 following the market and understating the needs start the trading of LED lighting products.We were one of the first companies dealing with led products in Greece. On 2009 we create GREENLIGHT brand and start manufacture led products in our new facilities in Nafplio city.We were the first company in Greece and one of the first companies in Europe manufacturing Led products. Since then we have invest a lot for research and design led products and our products have high quality materials and much more better efficiency from other Led products of competition companies. On April 2013 we moved our production facilities and headquarters in Varna city of Bulgaria,this movement give us more advantages and lets us to be much more competitive.
We continue searching new technologies and check new ideas.Our research department following the market pulse and always be one step in front of competition design and manufacturing unique and high quality product and innovating ideas.

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Our company power is our partners network.We give much big attention to offer our partners unique and high quality products and services so give them more advantages in market and manage high profits. If you are in energy saving business or want to start on it contact us to find the solution fits you.Join our partners network and gain trust,high quality and big profit. To inquiry for new cooperation please fill the form on the right and a representative of our company will contact you shortly.