Lumens per Watt comparison

Just as an automobile’s fuel efficiency is measured in miles per gallon, lightbulb efficiency is measured in terms of lumens per watt—the amount of light produced for each watt of electricity consumed. More lumens per watt means more light for your money.
You can take a look on the lumen comparison diagram on the right to see the differences.

Incandescent Bulb / 10 Lumen/Watt
Halogen A Bulb / 12 Lumen/Watt
Mercury Vapor Bulb / 25 Lumen/Watt
Compact Fluorescent Bulb / 40 Lumen/Watt
Linear Fluorescent Bulb / 50 Lumen/Watt
High Pressure Sodium Bulb / 60 Lumen/Watt
Metal Halide Bulb / 70 Lumen/Watt
White LED Bulb / 140 Lumen/Watt